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The U.S. city of Mobile, Alabama is the site of 15 high-rises,[1] all of which stand taller than Template:Convert/ft. The tallest building in the city is the 35-story RSA Battle House Tower, completed in 2007, which is Template:Convert/ft tall.[2] The tower is also the tallest building in the U.S. state of Alabama[2] and the 62nd tallest in the United States. Mobile's second-tallest skyscraper, the RSA–BankTrust Building, rises Template:Convert/ft and stood as the tallest structure in the city for over forty years.[3] Overall, four of the ten tallest buildings in Alabama are located in Mobile.[4] The city has more skyscrapers than any other city in Alabama besides Birmingham.[5]

The history of high-rises in Mobile began with the completion of the 11-story Van Antwerp Building in 1907. The structure, often regarded as the first skyscraper in the city and the state,[6] stood as the tallest building in the city until 1929, when the Template:Convert/ft Regions Bank Building took its place. Upon its completion in 1965, the RSA–BankTrust Building surpassed the height of the Regions Bank Building and became the tallest building in Alabama.[3] It held this title until 1986, when the Template:Convert/ft SouthTrust Tower was completed in Birmingham,[7] but remained the tallest building in Mobile until the 2006 topping out of the RSA Battle House Tower.[2][3]

As of August 2009, there are no high-rises under construction or proposed for construction in Mobile.[1] A residential condominium project, Water Street Landing, was originally proposed in 2007 as a three-tower complex to be constructed on the Mobile River; the $45 million (USD) development was later canceled due to lack of funding.[8] While the city of Mobile itself is not the location of any new high-rise developments, Orange Beach, a satellite city in the Mobile–Daphne–Fairhope combined statistical area, is the site of several construction proposals. One such proposal is the Mandalay Beach development, which includes two-twin residential towers that are planned to rise Template:Convert/ft and 36 stories each.[9][10]

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Tallest buildingsEdit

This lists ranks Mobile high-rises that stand at least Template:Convert/ft tall, based on standard height measurement. This includes spires and architectural details but does not include antenna masts. An equal sign (=) following a rank indicates the same height between two or more buildings. The "Year" column indicates the year in which a building was completed.

Rank Name Image Height
ft (m)
Floors Year Coordinates Notes
01.01 RSA Battle House Tower 100px 745 (227) 35 2007 Template:Coord/link Has been the tallest building in Mobile and Alabama since its topping out in 2006; 62nd-tallest building in the United States, tallest building on the Gulf Coast outside Houston[2][11]
02.02 RSA–BankTrust Building 100px 424 (129) 34 1965 Template:Coord/link An antenna on the RSA–BankTrust Building's roof increases its pinnacle height to Template:Convert/ft. 4th-tallest building in Alabama; tallest building in Mobile from 1965 until 2007[3][12]
03.03 Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel 100px 374 (114) 28 1983 Template:Coord/link The building, previously known as Adam's Mark Hotel, is the tallest hotel in the city and the state and the 8th-tallest building in the state. The structure previously had a structural height of Template:Convert/ft; a 2007 renovation increased the building's architectural height to Template:Convert/ft with the addition of a spire.[4][13][14]
04.04 Mobile Government Plaza 100px 325 (99) 12 1994 Template:Coord/link 10th-tallest building in Alabama[15][16]
05.05 Mobile Marriott 100px 325 (99) 20 1979 Template:Coord/link [17][18]
06.06 Regions Bank Building 100px 236 (72)Template:Ref label 18 1929 Template:Coord/link Tallest building in Mobile from 1929 until 1965[19][20]
07.07 Wachovia Building 100px 230 (70) 16 1947 Template:Coord/link Also known as the Southtrust Bank Building[21][22]
08.08 Lafayette Plaza Hotel 100px 180 (55) 17 1975 Template:Coord/link [23][24][25]
09.09 Providence Hospital 100px 170 (52) 11 1987 Template:Coord/link [23][26]
10.010 Commerce Building 100px 160 (49) 12 1958 Template:Coord/link [27][28][29]
11.011 Radisson Admiral Semmes Hotel 100px 136 (42) 12 1940 Template:Coord/link [30]
12.012 Van Antwerp Building 100px 120 (37) 11 1907 Template:Coord/link Tallest building in Mobile from 1907 until 1929[23][31][32]
13.013 Battle House Hotel 100px 119 (36) 7 1908 Template:Coord/link [33][34]
14.014 Royal St. Francis Building 100px 115 (35) 7 1908 Template:Coord/link [35][36]
15.015 Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception 100px 102 (31) 2 1850 Template:Coord/link Tallest building in Mobile from 1850 until 1907[37]

Timeline of tallest buildingsEdit

This table lists buildings that once held the title of tallest building in Mobile as well as the current titleholder, the RSA Battle House Tower.

Name Image Street address Years as tallest Height
ft (m)
Floors Coordinates Reference
Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception 100px 400 Government Street 1850–1907 102 (31) 2 Template:Coord/link [37]
Van Antwerp Building 100px 103 Dauphin Street 1907–1929 120 (37)Template:Ref label 11 Template:Coord/link [31]
Regions Bank Building 100px 56 Saint Joseph Street 1929–1965 236 (72)Template:Ref label 18 Template:Coord/link [20]
RSA–BankTrust Building 100px 107 Saint Francis Street 1965–2006 424 (129) 34 Template:Coord/link [12]
RSA Battle House Tower 100px 11 North Water Street 2006–present 745 (227) 35 Template:Coord/link [11]

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A. ^ a b This height is an estimate based on a diagram of the Regions Bank Building; official height figures have not been released by this building's developer.


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